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Ian Locke locks into the smart home industry

Time:【2014-10-18】 Browse【2721】times

1. Prospects: 
There is no doubt that intelligent life is the inevitable trend of human development, as smart phones replace traditional phones, electronic locks and intelligent replace traditional mechanical locks is only a matter of time. 
2, the Chinese consumer attitudes: 
With the improvement of living standards, convenient and secure life must be tall Chinese people on lifestyle inevitable choice. Smart locks a few thousand dollars with respect to the hundreds of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of decoration, it is a real drop in the bucket, and that this little one hair but it is precisely this whole part of the most critical part .

3, a broad market space: 
For the domestic market, although the fingerprint lock has been in the market cultivation stage, but in 2009 began at the beginning has been rapid development, according to an authoritative survey agency survey shows that in 2012 the actual installed capacity in 2011 compared to 82% growth. 
China is a populous country, is also the consumer, the future of the world´s largest fingerprint lock market is definitely in China. If we follow the Chinese population of 1.4 billion, it is about 340 million households. If a family is installed then the total amount of a market is 350 million, and we present the general intelligence Fingerprint purchase price between 900-1600 yuan, the corresponding market price is generally around 2,500 yuan, and that 350 million * 2500 yuan is equal to

We have the advantage: 
A. We have an intelligent lock industry nearly 15 years of team work, from product development, production, sales and after-sales service and so give the best solution. 
B. We have a standardized brand management model and strong market protection. 
c. We have a precise brand positioning, to ensure that each sales agent can have high profit margins.