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Ian Locke Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City is a focus on biometric technology development and application of private high-tech enterprises. Electronic smart fingerprint anti-theft locks currently one of the major manufacturers. The main products are used in hotels, apartment, office, residential quarters, and family and other aspects of smart locks series.

Ian Locke with a strong capacity for innovation and its continued efforts, relying on the strong support of the majority of users, focused on providing a safer, more convenient for users worldwide, more superior smart locks products, services and solutions.

Company R & D and marketing headquartered in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, sitting on a unique talent and technological advantages. The company has an electronic smart door lock industry in nearly 15 years of hard work covers product development, production, sales and technical support of the excellent team.

Has advanced mold, Seiko, stamping and other equipment and modern production line, in order to make China the best smart locks responsibility, innovation continues to develop, adhere to the first, user supreme principle quality and dedication to customer service.