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Three community marketing benefits of lock brand terminal market

Time:【2014-10-20】 Browse【4452】times

For domesticFingerprintMarketSpeaking communityMarketingJust a new marketing model, this marketing model for fingerprint lock industry, representsbusiness on the terminal market´s attention, and marketing awareness progress.

Community Marketing for the Chinese people should be very common to see community living around us, and not difficult to find, including "telecommunications", "moving", "China Unicom" and other communications brand; "Coca Cola", "Pepsi" "JDB", "Master" and other food and beverage brands; "party too", "boss", "beauty" and other home appliances category brand has already entered into among our communities, has been recognized by consumers and have achieved good sales results. However, for the domestic market, fingerprint lock, community marketing is just a new marketing model, this marketing model for fingerprint lock industry, as well as progress on behalf of the importance of end-market enterprise marketing consciousness.

Fingerprint brand terminal on the market, the community has a direct marketing three benefits:

A、 directly facing the community consumer groups, consumer focused, branding directly, but face to face propaganda, for fingerprint lockproductsConcerned, giving a more direct consumer products to enhance the credibility of the conducive fingerprint lock brand word of mouth publicity.

B、Less marketing investment, quick, conducive to the rapid turnover. General community marketing is a simple scene layout, mainly to introduce fingerprint lock features and performance-based, can play an intuitive product speak for marketing purposes, to give consumers a positive product information, is very conducive to fingerprint lock products live auction.

C、Direct control of the consumer-hand feedback, can make timely adjustments propaganda tactics and propaganda directions for different consumers, and in the early via a questionnaire, to fully grasp the Community consumer psychology. Community marketing is generally based on a community as a unit, the relative concentration of the consumer, and consumer habits are relatively are similar, so the community is more conducive to marketing Fingerprint brand terminal master consumer trends and psychology.

Of course, lock brand to do community marketing is not a simple matter, handled carelessly makes it easy for consumers to actually produce a backlash. Furthermore, the conduct of community marketing requires the approval of community management, community management to safety as the most important, such as a neighborhood or community property management company and other units to follow the" do not ask active, but they try too, "the management idea, it resisted manufacturers stationed in the community to do promotional activities, once the management control will lead to all kinds of security problems, manufacturers of activities for them, a hundred harm´s. So often obtain very high management fees, but in reality is an indirect refusal manufacturers in the door.

Do Fingerprint brand terminal operator, should be the community in preparing marketing, multi-management unit to promote relations with the community, and by digging opportunity or initiative to create opportunities for a way into the community. Community Marketing perseverance, if today did nothing effective to give a penny, so do not leave much impression in the minds of consumers, so companies should not only take advantage of community marketing advantages, but also adhere to in the end.